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Struggling to make your online marketing work? I'll put your website, sales letter, landing page, email campaign or sales funnel under the microscope and show you how to improve its pulling power!


From: Karl Freitag
Date: Thursday 8:30 am

Copy Critique Service: The “Big Idea” of this website is getting a copy critique to substantially improve the performance of your marketing communications.

What’s your website's Big Idea?

Not sure yet? Then you’ve come to the right place.

My "super power," if you will, is the ability to see and fix problems with marketing messages.

  • Does your message grab their attention?
  • Does your opening set an irresistible hook?
  • Does your offer seem compelling?
  • Does your copy present a strong price-to-value comparison?
  • Is there a sense of urgency to ignite action?
  • Is your copy scannable and packed with psychological triggers?
  • Do you reinforce an iron-clad guarantee?
  • Did you ask for the order?

If you're like most entrepreneurs and businesses, you could probably use some help with your copywriting too.

After all, in between managing the crush of your day-to-day responsibilities and making a payroll, writing copy is yet another task added to your workload.

Many people write their copy themselves or assign an employee to write it. Others might bring in an outside writer who's good with words, but not necessarily an expert at crafting sales messages.

When your website isn't producing the results you think it should, there's a very good chance your copy is to blame.

Get an expert opinion

You may have a beautiful website, but is it making you money? Are your email blasts bringing in revenue? A copy critique of your key web pages, sales funnel and email series will systematically pinpoint gaps and opportunities to help you raise traffic, engagement and conversions.

Launching a new product? Save money by writing your own copy or hiring a journeyman copywriter. I’ll critique the copy (either in draft or finished form), tell you what the problems are and what you need to do to fix it.

Includes suggestions on copy, design, strategy, and offer, but not writing or rewriting copy. Critiques start at just $995.

5 Key Reasons To Get a Copy Critique:

  1. It will help you make far more money than what you spend on it.
  2. Sometimes you can be too close to the situation to notice possible problems. It makes sense to have an experienced second pair of eyes look over your copy and give you an objective second opinion.
  3. You can launch your new campaign with greater confidence by getting an outside seal of approval that your copy is strong.
  4. You can remove some of the guesswork. This is a very affordable investment to make sure your promotion has the best chance for success.
  5. I’m ridiculously good at improving the persuasive power of copy and my exclusive 51-point system has paid dividends over and over.

Before you write even a word of copy, do this first...

Nail down your product positioning

If you hire freelancers or have in-house staff to create your marketing materials, your message can be all over the place. So how do you present a strong, consistent selling message across all of your marketing channels?

The answer is the "Sales Copy Platform."

This is the central “master messaging document” from which you base all the rest of your sales support tools. This will save you unbelievable time and money by focusing your team on approved positioning, direction and messaging.

My comprehensive Sales Copy Platform is an essential component of my $10,000+ copywriting projects.

Whether we work together on a copywriting project or not, a Sales Copy Platform really should be the first marketing piece you create for any product you carry. Pricing is $2,995 for the Sales Copy Platform alone.

5 HUGE Benefits of a Comprehensive Sales Copy Platform

  1. You'll bring focus and clarity to your branding and sales message in all areas of your marketing.
  2. You'll save money by putting your entire staff on the same page. With the positioning already laid out and pre-approved, there will be no more “making it up as they go along.”
  3. Having your key messaging already written allows you to move quickly to assemble any marketing or sales material you need in a rush.
  4. You'll ensure that your sales message is consistent and not disjointed.
  5. You'll reap the benefits of the same proven marketing methodology used by Fortune 500 companies and Madison Avenue advertising agencies.

Why should you listen to me?

Here's my background. Formerly I was copy director at the legendary DAK Industries, a $200+ million a year direct marketing company famous for long, compelling product descriptions. My copy is widely acclaimed and one of my sales letters was selected by Herschell Gordon Lewis for the book "World's Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters" (see pages 372 to 376). I've been a speaker at the exclusive Jay Abraham marketing bootcamps.

In addition to my copywriting, consulting, and copy critique work, I'm currently completing "The Book on Copywriting," which will be published in mid 2018. So yeah, I eat, drink and breathe copywriting.

A copy critique is for you if...

  • You're an entrepreneur who wants to make sure your product launch copy is strong and persuasive.
  • You're a consultant or coach who wants compelling copy to win over new clients.
  • You're a marketing director who wants to re-energize your company’s sales message to boost sales.
  • You're a professional copywriter who wants ideas, feedback, or a second opinion.
  • You're anyone who wants to save money.

Before you pay $10,000+ fees to me or any so-called A-List copywriter, crunch the numbers. This is an opportunity to have better copy than what you normally buy if you're not working with a large budget.

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